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Next Generation Sequencing analysis tools are no longer available through this interface. To run such analysis, please use Linux machines at BioHPC Lab.

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Version 1 Rev 500
(2015/09/29 11:10:40)

Welcome to BioHPC Web Computing Interface

As a part of our mission we are designing easy-to-use web interfaces for various computational biology tools. This application suite and interface is a product of long development of an user friendly system providing access to high performance computing for computational biology. The development started in 2001 as one of facility projects and over the years changed into Computational Biology Applications Suite for High Performance Computing (BioHPC Suite). This suite is available for download along with the interface source code and will run/interface with any Microsoft-based cluster and Unix cluster. You can find more details on the BioHPC Suite home page. The BioHPC project was supported in 2006-2008 under Microsoft High-Performance Computing Institutes (our facility was one of them) and currently is partly supported by Microsoft Research.

The applications are run on facility computer clusters and servers. BioHPC can interface both with local and remote clusters. More information about our hardware resources can be found here.

The usage of various applications in this BioHPC installation is summarized on BioHPC@CBSU statistics page.

Our computing resources are available to registered users only. Registration is available to Cornell students, faculty, and staff as well as their collaborators.

We spent a lot of time and effort developing this interface, and we hope it is a useful resource. You can help us in this effort by acknowledging our contribution to your work and research. Please acknowledge us in all publications and presentation of work that used our resources using the following text. Please send us information about your publications and presentations to the address below. Thanks!

You can subscribe to receive information updates about upgrades/fixes of existing applications and about newly added applications. This is just an e-mail list, and it is different from registering as "registered users" (i.e. registered users have to subscribe separately).

Please contact us with any comments or questions at . You may visit our home page for more information about the unit.


Application P-IPRSCAN under maintenance:
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