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Welcome to the BioHPC Next Generation sequencing
data management interface

This interface serves the purpose of storing and management of various data files to be used and processed by the Next Generation Sequencing analysis tools available through BioHPC. 

The functions of this site are the following:

Lane Browser: Access and manage the results of Illumina sequencing runs performed by the Genomics Facility at Cornell Biotechnology Resource Center. Illumina read files obtained outside of this facility can also be catalogued and stored here. The files are stored at CBSU file server. The file retention time is 30 days since the initial upload.

File Manager: Upload and manage other types of files involved in data analysis, such as reference genomes or genome annotation files. 

In order to use this interface, you need to be loged in to the BioHPC site. Please use the Login button on the left, or contact us.