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Next Generation Sequencing analysis tools are no longer available through this interface. To run such analysis, please use Linux machines at BioHPC Lab.

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Version 1 Rev 494
(2015/05/29 16:42:52)

version 4.0 

The LOOPP (Learning, Observing and Outputting Protein Patterns) server. LOOPP is a fold recognition program based on the collection of numerous signals, merging them into a single score, and generating atomic coordinates based on an alignment into a homologue template structure. The signals we are using include straightforward sequence alignment, sequence profile, threading, secondary structure and exposed surface area prediction. For more information please refer to the LOOPP home page.

NOTE This server uses the old version of LOOPP from 2008. There is a new version (2010) available at The work to add the new version of LOOPP to the BioHPC suite is underway and hopefully the new version will be available from BioHPC Cornell server soon.

If you have any comments or questions about BioHPC LOOPP server please contact us at If you have any questions about LOOPP algorithm please contact Ron Elber.

It may take several hours to run this program.

Calculations will be carried out on the BioHPC compute cluster at CBSU. You will receive e-mail notifications when the job is submitted, when it starts, and when it is finished. Output will be available via links embedded in the notification e-mails. For more information about this program and BioHPC interface in general, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please acknowledge us in all publications and presentation of work that used our resources using the following text.

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